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Clash Of Clans Top Tricks and Tips – Enhance Your Experience

  1. Wall Breakers used as storage of Elixir

Perhaps you thought Barracks that can only be used for the production of troops. Wrong. If you have not noticed, every barracks can be set to a “queue” for troop production, which may be canceled without any penalty. It depends on the size of the barracks. Important to know is that elixir for constructing queued troops is “stored” in the barracks, he can not be farmed by possible attackers, even when you’re not online. The secret lies in the use of “queues” before leaving the game, provided you have “Army Camps” full. In this way, the elixir will not be “spent”. When back in the game, you can cancel the queues and obviously you recover elixir. Looking at the troops, you will notice that the Wall Breaker has the highest “cost” related to housing space.

  1. Saving the Campaign for a last big push

There is one tip of play during the loading screens, which says that if you need a little more resources, you can fight versus goblins in the single-player campaign. This is true, but after playing the first mission, the amount of resources earned ridiculously low and you will probably going to give up. The secret is that you can earn up to 4.8 million gold and elixir in this campaign, 3 million are allocated only in the last 5 levels. These levels may seem impossible at first, but with an upgrade to level 5+ units you will see it is not that hard. Just about farming resources, and not necessarily getting the three stars in combat.

  1. Often Revenge is a dish best served cold

Like it or not, in this game you will be often attacked when you’re not online and you don’t have an active shield. The secret is that these attacks are also a rare opportunity! When viewing the list of defeats, you can get revenge on whoever attacked – “Revenge”. This is an immense strategic advantage, because before you decide if you do or do not, you have the opportunity to see his village, the level and range of defense’s (click on the respective building) and obviously you can plan peacefully, with calm, a plan for attack. Also you can check the quantities of gold and elixir he owns. The recommendation is to follow especially those that attack with only a few troops, because they are likely to have large resource stocks. If the adversary is protected by shield or on-line, just check again later.

  1. Raiding and level of Town Hall

There are a variety of parameters which determine how many resources you can steal from an opponent, but the most important is the level of the Town Hall. If your opponent has the same level, or higher or lower by one level than yours, you get a 100% parametric modifier what you can steal. If your opponent has 2 level TH more than you of the above modifier will achieve a 125%, and if it is 3 levels above will give a 150% modifier. Moreover, the same opponent will get a modifier of 50% and 25% for any attempt to retaliate. TH level also affects the cost of seeking new opponents as you attack, which can become significant at higher levels.