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How to Clean Your Android Smartphone Before Selling It or Giving It Away



Identity theft is a major concern for Android smartphone owners nowadays. Thousands of hackers are looking to exploit Android smartphones in order to access private data and use it to blackmail or get confidential information about a certain user. Therefore, people who are looking to sell their smartphone should first ask themselves the question: “How can I clean my Android phone”?

Smartphone companies love to update their flagship devices every year, take Samsung and its Galaxy S lineup for example. This means that loyal Android fans are going to upgrade their daily carrier every time a new model is launched. Here is where drfone-erase comes in and helps Android fans clean their smartphones before selling them or giving them away.

Dr.Fone – Erase

Obviously, Android fans can always try and manually delete all their data such as private photos, videos and call history, but this doesn’t mean that hackers will not be able to get to it. There are multiple ways of recovering deleted data on an Android smartphone, and this is why we advise people to give Dr.Fone a try.

With that being said, today we are going to look at the main features that Dr.Fone has to offer and see why all Android fans who are looking to change their smartphone should make sure to erase all their private data via Dr.Fone.

Simple File Deletion and Factory Reset

Most people seem to believe that performing a full factory reset is going to get rid of all the data on a smartphone, but this couldn’t be farther away from the truth. In case you didn’t know, there are special apps which help recover deleted data, and these apps manage to restore all data even after a full factory reset.

Therefore, the first thing that Android fans who are planning to sell their smartphone on websites such as Amazon and Craig’s List should make sure to install Dr.Fone because this tool will remove all data from their smartphone.

Permanently Deleting Files

Dr.Fone has a cool feature known as “drfone – erase (android)”. As the feature’s name implies, Dr.Fone will permanently delete all files including sensitive data such as browsing history, website cookies, and caches. The list doesn’t end there because Dr.Fone will also remove calendars, reminders, contacts, call history and all other types of private files that most people tend to forget about.

Dr.Fone Guarantees Security

While being able to delete all data from Android smartphones permanently is one of Dr.Fone’s biggest strengths, this is not the best thing about it. The most important feature that Dr.Fone offers is 100% security. Multiple reviews and tests are showing that Dr.Fone doesn’t keep any of the erased data and that it never leaks anything during the process of cleaning an Android smartphone.

Supported Android Devices

Another great thing about Dr.Fone is the fact that it supports all type of Android-powered smartphones. Dr.Fone doesn’t limit its premium features to folks who own high-end smartphones such as Galaxy S8 or Pixel, and it can be used by all Android devices available on the market right now.

Simple to Use

Permanently erasing all the data from an Android smartphone might sound like a complicated task, but this is not the case for Dr.Fone. The tool is equipped with a simple to use UI (user interface) which makes it possible for people of all ages and all backgrounds to delete their private data from a smartphone before selling it on the open market. In fact, interested readers can click play on the video below and see how simple using Dr.Fone can be.


What Not To Do While Using Dr.Fone

As previously mentioned, using Dr.Fone is super easy, and anyone can do it. However, there is one thing that everyone should make sure not to do while using Dr.Fone. The only guideline that Android fans need to follow while using Dr.Fone is to not disconnect the smartphone or start any other Android management software during the erasing process. In case someone does this by mistake, the whole process will be lost, and they will need to start from scratch once again.

Switching to a New Smartphone

Most people usually choose to delete all their files when they purchase a new smartphone and want to get rid of their current one. Well, what if I told you that Dr.Fone has a unique feature which makes the switching process way more comfortable than usual.

The unique feature is called “Switch” and as you can tell from its name, the feature is developed with the sole purpose of helping people switch their smartphones. Therefore, Android users who just bought a new smartphone and want to transfer all their essential data can use the Switch feature and transfer everything in a matter of seconds.

Dr.Fone guarantees that there will be no data loss in the process and that existing files will not be overwritten. Another thing that Dr.Fone guarantees regarding the Switch feature is that no one will access the data users are transferring. Dr.Fone puts a high price on people’s privacy, and users are the only ones who get to see and access their data.

Intuitive Process

Another great thing about the Switch feature is that the entire process is intuitive. The only thing that users will need to do is to download Dr.Fone, install it on the designated smartphone and then run the Switch program on a computer. All that’s left now is to connect the computer to the smartphone via a USB cable and select the data that they wish to be transferred or not.

Multiplatform Tool

The biggest issue that smartphone owners have is switching between iOS and Android. The two mobile operating systems are restricted from interacting with each other in the form of sharing files. Fortunately, this is not an issue for Dr.Fone and its Switch feature. Dr.Fone can share data from Android to iOS and from iOS to Android, thus making it a great tool to have for people who are looking to switch sides.

Recover Android Data

We talked about how Dr.Fone is the ideal tool for people who are looking to sell their smartphone and want to make sure that all their private data is gone, but this tool is capable of so much more. Contrary to deleting data, Dr.Fone can also be used to recover files from Android-powered smartphones and tablets.

Supported Scenarios

There are many scenarios where people can lose valuable data from their Android device and Dr.Fone is here to save the day. One of the most annoying things about Android smartphones is that massive updates usually delete previous data such as default settings, saved pictures, synchronized contacts and so on. The worst thing about this issue is that the deleted data is nearly impossible to restore without having to sideload a previous version of the operating system.

Luckily, Dr.Fone can restore all lost data that was taken away during a major operating system update. Another instance where Android fans will need to rely on Dr.Fone in order to get their precious data back is when the device gets locked, or the password is forgotten, and it requires a factory reset to function once again.

Moving on, Dr.Fone will cater to nearly all Android fans because it supports smartphones from all major tech companies starting with Samsung, Motorola, LG, Google, Sony and ending with HTC.

Recover Data from SD Cards

Have you ever put your microSD card into a device and lost all your data? MicroSD cards sometimes malfunction and encrypt themselves, thus appearing as “corrupted” to Windows and Android devices. This issue will prove to be quite annoying for people who don’t have that much internal storage space on their smartphone and store all their family photos and videos on the microSD card.

Obviously, there are special hardware stores where people can take their microSD cards for repair or decoding, but this is not necessary. Dr.Fone is able to scan damaged microSD cards and recover lost data in an instant.

Things get even better than this since Dr.Fone will give people the ability to recover items selectively or to preview them. However, what matters the most is that Dr.Fone guarantees security and that no harm will come to the device which is scanning the microSD card or to the files which are being restored.

Deleted Your Messages by Accident?

Is there something more annoying than deleting your messages by accident? This happens to everyone and recovering them can be quite tricky. The biggest issue is that messages which contain attachments such as work documents are even more challenging to get back because of how Android smartphones work.

Messages also get deleted when people perform full factory resets and don’t think about doing a full backup beforehand. On the bright side of things, Dr.Fone is here to help because as you can probably tell by now, this tool is more than capable of recovering all types of files.

So, if you ever delete something important from your smartphones such as an Excel Spreadsheet where your work tasks are listed on, then you shouldn’t waste any time and install Dr.Fone on your computer and smartphone.

Final Thoughts

Dr.Fone seems to be a jack of all trades when it comes to smartphones. Both Android and iOS operating systems support the tool and this makes it capable of taking care of all type of issues that can happen to anyone. Therefore, we consider Dr.Fone as a “must have” tool to every smartphone user who cares about how their data is handled.