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COM Surrogate Troubleshooting Issues Fixes for Windows PCs


Many people know that Windows 10 is a complex operating system. It has all these automatic updates and just when you think that you have gotten used to all the new features, something appears and makes you change your mind. What is even more stressful is the fact that there can be some dangerous changes in your system, making your computer more vulnerable to external threats.

Considering this, it can be difficult to find some programs that will help you see thumbnails and other information fast and precise. If you are wondering if there is a solution for fixing Windows 10 problems, the answer is yes.

Further in this article, we will present COM Surrogate. This is a process responsible for showing thumbnails in Windows 10. Although it is considered to be basic and easy to use, some people who used it have discovered that it has some issues, so let’s analyze them and try to find a solution.

COM Surrogate issues cannot be resolved unless Windows 10 is up to date on the computer where we will work. Also, all the necessary updates should be installed.

What are the possible issues associated with COM Surrogate On Windows 10

Many problems with COM Surrogate can occur on Windows 10, and users reported the following issues:

  • High CPU and disk usage
  • The process is not responding
  • COM Surrogate virus
  • It is using a lot of memory
  • It is always running
  • It stopped working
  • COM Surrogate keeps opening and crashing

Possible solutions for the mentioned problems

  1. Media codecs should be installed

If you have noticed that thumbnails are not shown and COM Surrogate uses a lot of CPU, you should install Shark or K-Lite media codecs. Another solution would be to use tools like Icaros.

  1. Maybe your antivirus software needs an update

Some users have reported that antivirus software, like Kaspersky, can cause some issues within the COM Surrogate process. If you want to fix these problems, you should update the antivirus software. If you still face difficulties, try using Bitdefender or BullGuard protection.

  1. Try closing COM Surrogate from the Task Manager

If you have seen a message letting you know that an action cannot be completed because of a file which is open in COM Surrogate, you should try fixing the problem by closing COM Surrogate from the Task Manager.

  1. Use the Process Monitor and disable thumbnails if you want to find the exact files with issues

There are times when a corrupt or damaged video or image file can cause the COM Surrogate the inability to access it. In this case, the only way to make it work is to delete the file, but before you do that, you need to disable thumbnails.

Next to these solutions mentioned above, COM Surrogate users can use several other methods for making it work in case it crashes: you can add it on the exclusion list from Data Execution prevention, register dll files again by using Command Prompt, check your hard drive for errors and even uninstall drivers that were installed recently.

These solutions require medium to advanced computer knowledge, since multiple operations have to be performed for that matter. Other solutions might be to disable thumbnails and switch to list or details view; if you have installed Acronis TrueImage file you can delete it or, if your system is compatible, you can install a VLC Player 64-bit version.

Whichever issue you might experience while using COM Surrogate, you can find a solution to it. All you have to do is look for the best option in every case.