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Crypto Rumors: TRON (TRX) Could Team Up With Alibaba


This small chance would mean everything to TRON (TRX). There is no official announcement of such a partnership, but looking at the bigger picture, there are some hints.

The links between TRON’s Justin Sun and Alibaba keep strengthening with each passing day, pushing forth the idea that a partnership may be on its way.

Here are the clues that lead to a potential partnership

The most significant clue of them all comes from Jack Ma. The Chinese business tycoon and entrepreneur has the tendency to invest in projects that are founded by his former students.

The best example of how Jack Ma could be the main link between TRON and Alibaba comes from Weixing Chen.

Chen founded Kuadi which is a ride share app that’s similar to Uber. Alibaba invested a lot in the startup and Weixing Chen is a TRON team member and also a close friend of Jack Ma.

Justin Sun is associated with partnering Kuadi as well and this friendship could be a stepping stone for TRON’s links with the Chinese monster.

TRON’s founder Sun is also one of the best students of Ma; he graduated from Hupan University where Alibaba founder is the principal. Justin Sun graduated as the first millennial student and the CEO may have endeared himself even more to his investment role model.

Justin Sun maintains a bullish aura about TRX’s future

TRON’s bullish aura created by Sun also comes out as an assurance of a massive partnership.

The build-up towards the crypto’s Main Net launch that is expected to take place next month has also been a cause for optimism for the whole community.

Teaming up with a massive brand like Alibaba would be extremely important for the crypto, but before this could happen TRON has been already trying to team up with some of the projects that have a connection to Alibaba.

Besides Peiwo which is associated with Sun, there are more companies that have joined the crypto and they include Ofo and BikeShare, with Kuadi being next on the potential partnerships list.

TRON team is connected to Alibaba

The TRON team is another clue because there are strong connections to the Chinese giant team.

  • Zhao Hong used to work for Alibaba as a data mining Chief
  • Wang Lifen had been referred to as Jack Ma’s longtime friend
  • Weixing Chen is the founder of Kuadi and also a good friend of Ma’s
  • Lucien Chen former employee of both Alibaba and Tencent is now working for TRON as Technical lead

These are only suppositions, but if anything is likely to happen, it will a massive impact on the place that TRON will be occupying by the end of 2018 and more years to come.