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Cryptocurrency Gains Increased Interest From The Russians


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Cryptocurrency is becoming more and more popular in the world nowadays, but much about it is still shrouded in a cloud of mystery. Still, a recent Google analysis has shown a strong growth in interest regarding cryptocurrency in Russia.

While the Mountain View tech giant cannot assess or analyze just how many people in Russia are using cryptocurrency due to the fact that the main catch about is its high secrecy, what it can uncover is how many people search for this topic on their world famous search engine.

Massive Increase in Interest

And the results are more than telling. Bitcoin-related searches have increased by 220%, while those regarding Ethereum, the new up and coming form of cryptocurrency, have grown by a whopping 760%. What is more, searches on cryptocurrency mining have seen a growth of around 560%, which is more than impressive.

And Google’s analysis goes beyond the surface layer and also unconvers where the people searching for these things are located. Although the tendency would be to believe that this trend is starting from the capital or other big Russian cities, that is hardly the case.

In fact, the most predominant region that came up most often in Google’s data is the Khabarovsk territory. More than 309% of all requests on the topic of cryptocurrency have come from there, and much of the increase in interest on individual types of cryptocurrency, namely Bitcoin and Ethereum, are also located here. Another strong region in terms of cryptointerest on the Russian map is Kaliningrad. But why is this happening in Russia?

Well, most Russian corporations support it heavily. And it seems that because of this, Russia’s economy is shifting from actual currency we’re all familiar with to cryptocurrency, which might lead to a very interesting worldwide trend.