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Data Breach Charges for Time Warner Cable


This second largest cable company in the United States of America by revenue after Comcast  provides world class cable telecommunications solutions like high speed internet from up to 2 to 300 megabits per second with unlimited consumption, digital cable, home security ,phone services, local news channels and regional sports networks as well in 29 states of US.

The Company competes with, Apple Inc., Amazon.com Inc., Hulu.com., Google and Skype and  provides over 300 channels including over 200 high – definition channels and 20,000 video-on-demand choices.

Time Warner Cable is also the best when it comes to the provision of personalized services which includes e-mail, personal computer security, online radio and parental controls at no additional charges.

A variety of services to business customers inclusive of networking, hosting and cloud computing services are at its disposal, further explaining why it is one of the best choices for people. TWC served 687,000 business customers as of December 31,2015.

However, not all is sunny and fine at Time Warner. The company has recently been engulfed in various kinds of password theft attempts and users accounts are still considered to be in threat.

Federal Bureau of Investigation on January 7, 2015 confirmed that the customers’ email addresses and passwords could be under threat.

Email and password details of more than 320,000 customers of Time warner Cable may be in grave danger of being stolen.

Nathalie Burgos, the Vice President, Public Relations of Time Warner Cable Group mentioned clearly in a statement to the media that they were informed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation that there could have been a security threat.

Burgos was however sure that Time Warner Cable systems were quite stable in terms of security and that there was no data breach from company’s system.

How the information regarding the customers email address and password could be at potential risk has still not been figured out but definitely not due to poor system and processes.

Information is stored in other company’s records as well and breaches could have been due to malware downloaded during phishing attacks.

This 182.93 million USD generating company is currently undergoing hiccups from security threats which is sure to be overcome with corrective measures.

Customers are requested to change their passwords and not to maintain same password for multiple accounts.

Notifications have already been sent to each of the 320,000 customers to immediately change the passwords as measure for the prevention for this threat.