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Dead or Alive Extreme 3 Release Date and Trailer For PS4 and PS Vita


Fans of the Dead or Alive game series will be disappointed to learn that because of the sexist content, the latest game in the series will not reach Europe.

Dead or Alive franchise began many years ago with a fighting game, such as Tekken or Mortal Kombat. Since then, women characters in the game were shown in a much more sexual way than in other titles from the same period. Dead or Alive Xtreme Series lead the idea of sexist content to another level, no matter how open you are to the idea that it’s just a video game.

The game will hit the market soon for PS4 and PS Vita. Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 is a title that puts the player in a very odd set of scenarios. Passing over the fact that the ladies, who are participating in a game of beach volleyball are wearing some tiny to nonexistent swimsuits, the idea of a booty fighting, which you can see in detail in the trailer, could give arise to some concerns. In addition to the fact that you can customize characters costumes, the same game introduces an innovative tanning feature without very obvious utility in relation to the principles of the gameplay.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YCsn8QaiUzA]

The interesting part of this notice is that international authorities decided to ban the game in other parts of the world, except Japan. Tecmo Koei, a representative of the blatantly sexist game publisher said on Facebook that this is part of the company’s decision. He said he understands how the game industry wants women to be illustrated, but he doesn’t want to make a statement on such topics. Emphasizing the gravity of the situation, Tecmo insisted that the decision was taken after about two years of internal debate on the subject.