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Dentex YouTube Downloader 5.3 APK is Now Available


Watching YouTube videos is a great way to keep yourself entertained. There is an endless amount of content ranging from interesting documentaries, vlogs and funny compilations that people can watch.

The only annoying thing about YouTube is that it doesn’t allow users to download their favorite videos. This can prove to be quite annoying because it forces people to be connected to the internet whenever they want to watch videos.

Dentex YouTube Downloader

On the bright side of things, there is an app that provides Android smartphone owners with a workaround that gives them the ability to download all the YouTube videos they want.

The app in cause is called Dentex and it’s been specially created to download content from YouTube. Although, this app is not available on the official Google Play Store and there’s a good reason for that.

Latest Dentex 5.3 APK

As you can probably tell, Dentex goes against YouTube’s Terms of Service because it allows everyone to download any videos the they want. Therefore, people who wish to install Dentex on their smartphones and enjoy all the features that it has to offer need to download the APK version of it.

APK stands for Android Package Kit and it requires users to enable the “Install apps from unknown sources” feature before being eligible to install it. Nonetheless, the latest APK update for Dentex sports the “5.3” build number and it’s available for download right now.

Highlight Features

While downloading YouTube videos might be the main feature that Dentex offers, this is not the only thing that it does. With that being said, let’s check out the top features that Dentex has to offer.

  • Supports all types of format/quality available from YouTube;
  • Offers a File Management menu that makes it easier to organize downloaded videos;
  • Features Audio extractions to acc/ogg and conversion to MP3;
  • Features built-in YouTube search browser.