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Destiny 2 Gets Delayed, Destiny 1 Gets Better At Managing Multiplayer Matches


At the Bungie game studios, all is very busy right now. Developers are running around to meet deadlines, not to launch Destiny 2, but to make the multiplayer mode of the existing Destiny game better.

This might not seem much to the fans who are craving for something new right now but if you try playing the game closely, you’ll observe the problems one faces in the multiplayer mode game.

You might be a great player of Destiny, but if you are put into a multiplayer game of the same that has players from various connection speeds, then game play will be a disaster.

Just imagine, you running around at full speed and the others on a very slow connection, simply just walking about or inching piece by piece.

You hardly will get to enjoy the game, not because your opponents are not skilful, but only because they are on very slow connections.

Along these lines it has been decided by Bungie games that made destiny and managed the online gameplay all these years might have made a great decision for the multiplayer game.

While the studio previously only made the player matches only based on skill, they would now make the matches based on the connection speed as well.

Apart from this, just after this wave of developments has been subsided, Destiny will apparently start working on the second version of the game, also known as Destiny 2.

The game was reportedly supposed to be launched this year but owing to some major change of plans, the Destiny 2 game has been planned not to be released this year.

If you are told by any source that the Destiny 2 games is not coming at all, turn a deaf ear. Activision and Bungie games have together signed a deal in 2012, that makes them a team till the title has at least 4 series.

According to Kotaku.com, the game would not really see a release this year. Sounds odd, as this game was said to be released every alternate year, so 2016 seems to be the best year for release.

The game did get a free update in form of  Festival of the lost, Sparrow racing too. But the next update, will cause major developments. The estimated date of release is 9th February and it may be called the Crimson Days Update.