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Destiny: Crossing The King’s Fall Jumping Puzzle is Possible without Touching the Ships


Destiny players have invariably been at their wits end trying to figure out how to get past levels.

Too many tactics are required to cross some, while others are very simple and may need only a very little logical thinking to cross. Generally, the maps and puzzles need to be visited and revisited over and over again.

Constant thinking and different approaches towards completing the game are mandatory. One of the puzzles that has had users pulling their hair out to find a solution is the King’s Fall Jumping Puzzle. Not many have had the luck of clearing it.

But there has been one player wwho has found out a very clever method of crossing the level.

This player prefers to call himself JeffrOFoX. He has recently posted a video of his gameplay on YouTube website, showing how he was able to clear the King’s Fall puzzle without even touching a single ship.

For this, the player has not really done anything out of the ordinary – he has just made use of whatever resources were available, and has done so in a clever combination, so that his problems have been solved easily.

The player has made use of a few in game resources like the Titan boosts, sword swipes, and the exotic Twilight Garrison’s air support evasion maneuvering system.

With this, he is easily able to jump from the entrance right up to the end of the puzzle and not step down even for a moment. This move is to be done very carefully because you will be using up all your resources but have just one in stock, and that is the energy source.

If you are not careful, then you would end up right in the centre of the game with everything topsy turvy and you might lose the level altogether. JeffrOFoX has tried to do this by not touching a single ship.

He has not been the only one to try this feat. This trick has been performed before by another player before, Chadlantis, who has made use of one ship for quite sometime. This method was a rather simple one.

Have you really tried something like this and succeeded? If you have let us know in the comments below, so we can share your tips with the world too.