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Destiny Update – New CEO For Bungie Games Takes Charge – We Can Hope More For Destiny Now


The world is still discussing the changes that are going to be inflicted on the Destiny game’s multiplayer version and while we are busy with all the new changes, Bungie games has caused some important changes in the management of the company.

The company has recently named its new CEO, after the previous CEO, Harold Ryan stepped down from his position of CEO and a new CEO, Pete Parsons will be taking his place.

Pete Parsons is not an unknown face in the Bungie games section. Parsons has earlier been the COO of the company for a long time now, and indeed, it is obvious that someone who has already known the ins and outs of the company, seen its good and bad days would definitely be the best choice for the company to put forth for the position.

In an address to the public, the new CEO promised excited crowds that both his and Bungie games’ priority would be to ensure that users get the best delivered within regular spans of time.

Here he also states that the people were ‘yet to see the studio’s best work.’ Could this have pointed to the Destiny 2? The news around the internet already states that the company has made subtle changes in the multiplayer version of the game and has introduced a brand new scheme of grouping players together, on the basis of the connections speeds – slow connection users combined with slow connection users and fast connection users combined with fast connection ones.

This would be used along with the kind of filters we already had earlier, that is level of skills and prowess at playing, so users can have a good time playing with each other.

Destiny 2’s delay has already been leaked by Kotaku.com, but after listening to what Parson had to promise, the delay finally seems to make sense.

Of course, if the studio’s best work is yet to be seen, then it is pretty obvious that the company will take time in delivering stuff and users would also be more than happy to wait, provided they get a hang of what is actually holding the release date back.