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Diablo 4 – Eternals Director Chloé Zhao Reveals Amazing Live-Action Launch Trailer!


The June 6 release date for Diablo 4 is quickly approaching. The “Server Slam,” the open beta, and several trailers have all helped players get a fairly good understanding of what to expect.

Despite this, Blizzard has recently produced another video, this one showcasing how the world of Diablo may seem in a live action adaptation of the game.

This shows that the company is not quite ready to put an end to the hype train just yet.


Given how proficient the Blizzard team is at creating CGI trailers, it is a little odd to see them choose a live-action approach this time around, but it is difficult to contest the outcomes.

Several characters begin the Diablo 4 live-action trailer by requesting your assistance.

Next, begin to intercut clips of each kind of character, many of whom somehow look even better in live-action.

The Rogue performs some acrobatics and fires arrows to get things going, but once the Sorceress appears on screen and dispatches some adversaries with her Hydra, the stakes really multiply.

The Necromancer is the following character, and it has one of the five characters’ worst visuals. The Druid, who follows her and transforms into a werebear in the middle of the battle, looks amazing.

Before Lillith, the primary enemy, makes her dramatic entrance, the Barbarian uses the traditional War Cry and Leap combo to purge a settlement of creatures.

The teaser looks fantastic overall, which makes sense given that Chloé Zhao is in charge of the photography.

After all, the filmmaker of Eternals won an Oscar for Nomadland in 2020, taking home both the Best Picture and Best Director awards.

This was always going to be a pleasure for Diablo fans, especially with somebody so brilliant working with Blizzard’s amazing trailer crew.

This is a great way to finish the Diablo 4 marketing campaign, even if the Diablo movie fans have been hoping for never materializes.


Surely, the fan base will still be thrilled to see so much money and time invested in their beloved game, and it may also attract more casual players who are only now becoming aware of Diablo 4.

Blizzard and Zhao have more than fulfilled expectations since that is precisely what most people out there would want from something like this. Diablo 4 debuts on June 6 on the PlayStation, Xbox, and PC!