PARIS — Many dinosaurs buried their eggs and hoped for the best, but some species — including a few hefty ones — built nests and indulged unhatched offspring much as birds do today, researchers reported Wednesday.
Which raises a fascinating question: How did monsters almost as thick as a hippo brood eggs without question them?

“Large species might haven’t sat directly in their eggs”

Describing Clutches of potato-shaped eggs located in China, ” he stated the “eggs have been organized in a circular design with a large central opening” and every was around half a meter long and weighed up to seven kilograms.

“The dinosaurs probably sat in the center of the nest they did not crush the eggs”

That did not maintain the unborn dinosaurs hot, but it could have shielded them from predators and the elements, Tanaka supposed.

Modern Birds have been descended from a big group of largely carnivorous dinosaurs known as theropods, all which are believed to have laid eggs.

However, not many theropods built nests, which explains the reason why the brooding exhibited by oviraptorosaurs — a clade of many dozen species which range from the turkey-size Caudipteryx into the 1.4-ton Gigantoraptor — is indeed important.

“The Incubation behavior of birds — for example adults sitting at the nest and maybe brooding — probably evolved from theropod dinosaurs,” said Tanaka. “Our study offers additional proof.”

Proof of ample plumage — particularly about the tail — has been discovered on many species.

Aside from the spoke-like arrangement of this fossilized Eggs, the eggshell itself supplied additional proof that big oviraptorosaurs sat close to their unborn progeny, not at the top of those.

The Eggs of large dinosaurs, the researchers found, were more delicate than the eggs of smaller ones that have been obviously designed to carry more fat.

“There’s a difference in the information, but the threshold must be between 200 and 500 kg”


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