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Disgaea 5 Complete For PC Release Date Has Been Delayed And The Demo Was Pulled Out


The Disgaea 5 Complete for PC release date, initially scheduled for May 7, has been delayed until “Summer 2018”.

Disgaea 5 Complete strategic role-playing series will return, including the famous original story along with additional scenarios, classic characters, and extra character classes.

In Disgaea, gamers have to lead a quirky group of heroes, avoid the enslavement of countless Netherworlds and walk the dark and dangerous path of revenge.

Here is why Disgaea 5 Complete for PC release date has been delayed

The NIS publishers stated that, as the beta tests have advanced, they have fixed some bugs and other glitches. As they were busy working on the fixes last night, they encountered a new issue that needs extra attention and will require more time to solve.

Regrettably, they say, for as long as this issue can’t be addressed, the Disgaea 5 Complete for PC release date is postponed.

However, the developers promise they will do their best to release the long-awaited game during the upcoming summer.

Disgaea 5 Complete for PC had its demo version pulled out by NIS

It was reported yesterday that the demo of the game, which was released on the Alienware website, did, in fact, include the full game.

NIS representatives told in an interview with Kotaku that the demo was not the full versions of the game and that it ended after Chapter 3. However, NIS pulled out the demo and within a day came out on Twitter to argue their decision. NIS representatives said:

We are aware of the status with Disgaea 5 Complete’s demo on PC, and will have additional information shortly. Thank you for your understanding and patience!

The “status” about which they’re speaking there seems to be the withdrawal of the demo from the Steam’s accounts, while, by “additional information”, NIS meant the news about the delay of the Disgaea 5 Complete for PC release date.