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Do You Know Where To Spend Litecoin? Price Closes In On $130


All of this talk about cryptocurrencies is usually surrounding the price of each coin or token, what companies are planning partnerships with them and how you can buy these as an investor. One thing that is not really talked about is where you can actually spend your digital currencies. Most of them are not accepted outside of the countries they reside in, but for coins like Litecoin, options are wider and here are a few things you can do with them.

Need To Buy A Car?

For the most part, the consensus is that you can transfer money with digital currency and maybe make a few small purchases. But for two companies, the consumers has an option to buy a care with Litecoin. Mercedes Benz and BMW has decided to accept Litecoin and that means you could be driving off the lot in a brand new car with your cryptocurrency as payment.

Making Donations Just Got Easier

For non-profits, getting people around the world to donate might not seem like an easy task. However, it is a task that just got a little easier with Litecoin. Now you can donate your Litecoin at places like Sean’s Outpost, which gives food to homeless people. If you were thinking of supporting a cause like feeding the homeless, now you have one more payment option available to you.

Gift Shops In New York Open Up To Digital Currency

Traveling around the world is fun and when you are in another place on the globe, buying a trinket or souvenir to mark that time in your life is a must on the vacation to-do list. If you are planning a trip to New York City, at least there is one gift shop that will accept your Litecoin as currency. eGifter is a shop that is based in New York and has recently announced that you can make purchases online with Litecoin.

Litecoin has seen a few bumps in the road as of late, but all of these good things that are coming in the news certainly will have an impact on the overall price as it closes in on $130 per coin.