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DOCSIS 3.1-Enabled High-Speed Internet Service By Comcast To Be Rolled Out To US Cities Soon


The need for high speed internet is increasing by the day. With so much content over the internet, just fast internet is not really an option.

The users across the globe want to be furnished with blazing fast speeds, so they can get everything delivered to them at the earliest.

Now that we have so much to demand, the internet providers are also clamoring to provide the best of services to us and are working hard to give us the best in the least priced rates.

They have almost started competing against each other in the quest of providing the best service.

One of the companies that has proved to be a big contender for this race of providing internet support is Comcast. The company is a force to reckon with and in the United States almost every household uses its services.

Comcast has now taken up the challenge of providing super speed internet to the US citizens very seriously. In the quest to this, the company has ventured into the competition against Google Fiber and Verizon’s FIOS.

Reportedly, the services with DOCSIS 3.1 support would be available from Comcast at the beginning of the next half of 2016.

The very first cities to get this feature from Comcast are Atlanta and Nashville, but the services would not be limited to these cities. Reports state that the plan would encompass a total of five cities in all for the start and then as time passes, more developments would be made.

After Atlanta and Nashville, service would be extended to Chicago, Detroit and Miami as well. The speeds offered would be in gigabytes.

Hundreds of users apply for high speed internet connections every month and the companies are all racing to provide services first.

Today, there are many providers that provide up to 1000 MBPS speeds to its users which of course, is a great thing, but it only means more competitors for Comcast.

Comcast is nevertheless on a higher position than Google as far as production costs are involved.

This is because Google is having to rebuild the whole fibre optic infrastructure, whereas Comcast already has cables laid underground, with which internet can be provided. This should cause Internet costs to be reduced for users as well.