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Doom Collector’s Edition Release Date and Price


It was recently announced by Bethesda that Doom that has been under development by id software will finally be presented to the world on 13th May 2016.

The game would be released for PS4, Xboxone and PC on the same day. Id software was the studio that gave us the first ever game to function on the FPS Genre, Death match.

Bethesda describes Doom as a game full of demons, difficult to fight guns and quick movements and actions throughout the game.

The game company also showed of a new trailer to show what the game will be all about. Users who are going to play this game would be presented with the Beta version of the game well before the final launch is done.

The final date of Beta launch is still at large and when questioned of the same the Bethesda representative stated that all announcements would be made later.

Players who are waiting for this game to arrive would also be treated to a special edition of the game termed as The Doom’s Collector’s Edition.

The game would revolve around a 12 inch statue of the games worst adversary, the Revenant. The Revenant was designed by Tri Force that used the original game files to design the actual creatures look.  This statue is placed on an LED Lit base and looks rather formidable.

This collector’s edition piece has a price tag of $120. If you think that is too much to pay for just a statue then you are mistaken.

The Statue would also come  with a copy of the game in a metal box with Doom written on it.

According to Bethesda for all people who pre- order this Collection Edition Statue would get the demon multi player pack inclusive of the armor set, variations of skin, paint colors and 3id software designs to paste on the armor and weapons.

Hack modules are also available with the game that allows you to win the game more easily.

The game is available both in single player and multi player modes; the single player mode requires you to fight off demons alone while the multiplayer mode can help you use your friend to win the fight.