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Download Best Addons for Gmail to Improve Productivity


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A lot of people use G-mail as their standard email. Sometimes it feels a little too simple and we think that it could maybe use some more options.

You can put an end to the simple G-mail by adding some handy add-ons especially created for G-mail.

  1. Convert Google Docs to Gmail Drafts

There is no need for more explanation, this addon will do exactly what it says in its name: it will allow you to create a message with your choice of formatting, images and fonts and the addon will then convert all of it into a Gmail draft for you to send it.

  1. Gmail Notes

If you want to add some annotations to your emails, or highlight some text in an email, this is the addon for you. You can type what you want and save the note; all you type is shown in blue next to the original text. You can also include these notes or not in the emails you reply.

  1. Gmelius

This addon will allow you to snooze your emails, send some drafts later, add private notes, detect and block message trackers and the handiest feature: unsubscribe from the annoying list-generated emails with one click.

The service comes free or as a premium paid version, adding unlimited access to all its features.

  1. Simple Gmail Notes

It’s like a post-it but it’s digital. You add sticky notes to what emails you want and all those notes are even saved as a file in your Google Drive account so when you want, you can search for them there.

  1. Snooze Email

The function of this addon is lifesaving when it comes to sending e-mails but at a time in the future without you being logged in to physically click on send.

  1. Sortd

With Sortd, your emails will look like a task management center, you’ll see emails in one column at the left of the screen and at the right you’ll see some boards that you can customize. If you want to see the classic email, you can click on the red Gmail bar. The addon is free and has a subscription fee if you want more features from it.