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Download Netflix 5.8.1 Build 24650 APK Update for Additional Bug Fixes


Netflix is the most popular subscription service for streaming TV Shows and movies on both PCs and smartphones. In fact, Netflix is so popular that traditional cable TV companies are going bankrupt.

However, no one can blame people for choosing to watch content through Netflix at their leisure without having to be annoyed by commercials every 20 minutes.

Netflix 5.8.1 Build 24650 Update

As previously mentioned, Netflix is a subscription services which means that people must pay a certain amount of money per month to receive access to Netflix’s movie and TV show library.

Considering that people pay money for this service, Netflix needs to always make sure that its app offers a premium experience and that it never malfunctions.

With that being said, the developers behind the mobile Netflix app have recently published a new update for it. This update is available as an APK right now and this means that users need to download it themselves.

Although, we should mention that Netflix will also roll out this update OTA (over the air) to everyone but we don’t know the timeframe for that.

Bug Fixes

In order to prevent the app from randomly crashing or lagging, nearly every update contains numerous bug fixes. These bug fixes ensure that everything is working as intended and that mobile users are never faced with any issues.

Therefore, Netflix fans who enjoy streaming shows on their smartphone should considering downloading and installing this APK update as soon as possible.

Not only will they enhance the stability of the app, but they will also make sure that they can binge watch TV shows and movies without any unwanted interruptions.

We should also mention that Netflix is doing a great job of providing users with new shows since it invested over $6 billion on original content during 2017. Furthermore, Netflix fans should be happy to know that some of their favorite shows will be making a comeback during 2018.

Netflix is available on Google Play Store.