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Snaptube Update Comes with New Tweaks


In a world filled with apps that can download videos from all types of online streaming platforms, people never know which one to pick. The two most popular apps are TubeMate and Vidmate, but this doesn’t mean that people are forced to choose between them.

There is also Snaptube, which is a highly optimized downloader that excels when it comes to taking down videos at amazing speeds.

The app is simple, fast and convenient which makes it a great app for people who are new to the online downloading scene and don’t want to complicate themselves with complicated settings.

Snaptube APK Update

Since Snaptube is an Android app, the developers behind it are always making sure that its running perfect and that its not affected by any bugs.

The way the app’s developers prevent bugs and malfunctions from happening in the first place is by releasing a regular stream of APK updates.

The latest update for Snaptube brings the app’s version number up to and it can be downloaded right now. Although, we need to mention that this update is available only in form of APK. In case you didn’t know, APK stands for Android Package Kit which obviously means that it can only be downloaded by Android smartphone owners.

There’s another thing that APK updates require before being installed, and that’s for the “install apps from unknown sources” feature to be enabled. Luckily, this feature can be enabled with the simple tap of the screen.

Nonetheless, the reason why Snaptube is considered to be an all-round great app is because it gives its users the ability to download videos from Vimeo, FunnyorDie, Facebook and even Instagram among others.

The app is also equipped with a special download manager that makes it so videos are downloaded in a matter of seconds, despite their large sizes.