Home Entertainment Download Terrarium TV 1.8.3 for Android and Watch All Your Favorite Shows!

Download Terrarium TV 1.8.3 for Android and Watch All Your Favorite Shows!


Terrarium TV is an awesome app that makes it possible for Android users to enjoy all their favorite movies and TV shows for free. Using Terrarium TV, people can stream any show they want directly on their smartphones. Things get even better though since Terrarium TV also gives users the ability to download videos on their device’s storage space for offline viewing.

Clean User Interface

One of the best things about Terrarium TV is that its user interface has been specially designed to be simple and intuitive. Android users who decide to give Terrarium TV a try will be able to download any show they want without having to go through complex settings first.

Moreover, the main window of Terrarium TV’s user interface features all the popular series and they are filtered by genre, thus making it easier for people to discover new shows.

Simple to Use

The only thing that users need to do in order to start watching their favorite shows through Terrarium TV is to simply search for the profile a show, select a season and an episode and then just click play. We should also mention that Terrarium TV allows users to select their desired video quality starting with 360p and going up to full HD 1080p.

Subtitle Language

Another great feature that Terrarium TV is known for is its subtitles support. The app will provide users with subtitles that come in a wide range of languages. Furthermore, the subtitles will automatically be set to default as English, but this can be changed from the Settings panel.

Replacing Traditional TVs

Terrarium TV is gaining more and more popularity as each day passes. Considering how simple it is to use and that it features a huge TV show library, we can be sure that Android fans will never feel the need to pick up a remote and turn on their TV ever again.

Terrarium TV Available on Cnet.com.