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TubeMate for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8.1 Comes with New Features


Have you ever wished to download a video so that you can watch it while traveling to work? If your answer is yes, then TubeMate will make your dreams come true. This is a cross-platform app that’s been optimized to run on Android, iOS and even Windows Phone. In addition, TubeMate is also known as the fastest downloader available for free.

This app has been designed with one purpose in mind, and that’s to give mobile users the ability to download any video or song they like. There are many reasons to why someone might wish to download videos but the most popular one is for offline viewing to preserve mobile data.

In addition, TubeMate can also be a great source for music since every song is uploaded there by official channels such as VEVO. The developers behind TubeMate know that people use it to download songs and that’s why they equipped the app with an Mp3 converter. Therefore, users can download their favorite videos and then convert them to Mp3 formats and expand their music library for free.

Resolution Quality

One of the things that TubeMate excels at is downloading videos in the correct resolution. The downloaded content will feature the same resolution as the original one, but things get even better since TubeMate makes it possible for users to select their desired quality.

For example, someone who is downloading a podcast might not be that interested in the video quality and they can simply reduce the resolution and save precious storage space. Although, the Mp3 converter will come in quite handy in situations such as this.

As previously mentioned, TubeMate is optimized to run smoothly on all popular operating systems. What we mean by optimization is that TubeMate features a special download manager which uses multiple connections to enhance download speeds from average to lighting fast.

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