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Download Vidmate HD for Windows 10 and Download All the Videos You Want


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Vidmate HD is a world-renowned YouTube downloader that allows users to download any video or song they want. The app is not limited to YouTube and it can download videos from all other streaming platforms such as Facebook, Dailymotion, Instagram and even Netflix. Therefore, Vidmate HD makes it possible for users to watch their favorite content offline.

Vidmate HD

The app is highly popular in the Android community because it helps them preserve precious mobile data by allowing them to download videos when they are connected to a stable Wi-Fi network.

Moreover, Vidmate HD is also used to download music videos from YouTube and then convert them to Mp3. Therefore, Viddmate HD can be used to get every song for free!

Vidmate HD for Windows 10

Even though Vidmate HD’s fanbase is mainly located in the Android community, this doesn’t mean that Vidmate HD is not available for other operating systems. In fact, Windows 10 users can download and install Vidmate HD for free right from the official Windows Store. Although, Windows 10 users will need to have an active Microsoft account to be able to download the app.

Fast Download Speeds

We can’t talk about Vidmate HD and not mention its incredible fast download speeds. The app is equipped with a special download manager that uses a clever multiple connections system which transforms average download speeds to lighting fast ones.

Another cool feature that Vidmate HD’s download manager is equipped with makes all downloads to take place in the background. This is a great feature because it allows Windows 10 users to take care of other tasks while their favorite videos are downloading.

Downloading Music

As previously mentioned, Vidmate HD is packed with an Mp3 converter. Knowing that nearly every song ever made is uploaded on YouTube, this makes Vidmate HD one of the best song libraries in the world.

Download available from Microsoft Store.