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Xender for Android and iOS – Top Reasons to Download It


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Today we are going to present one of the world’s best apps and the top reasons why every smartphone owner should consider downloading it. The app we are talking about is called Xender and the thing that it does best is the fact that it helps people share files from one smartphone to another at incredible fast speeds.

Cross-Platform Support

Hands down, the most amazing feature that Xender offers is its ability to share files from Android to iOS devices and vice versa. The app is available for both Android and iOS fans, and its entirely free to download.

Considering the fact that Xender gives people the ability to share important documents or pictures and videos with different operating systems, Xender will prove to be quite useful for people who have friends that don’t share the same taste in tech gadgets.

Therefore, Android fans who just bought Google’s latest Pixel 2 will be able to share funny videos with their friends who own iPhones.

Sharing Files at Fast Speeds

Since Xender’s sole purpose is to share files, the developers behind the app have made sure to optimize its software to the point that it can share files at super fast speeds of 20 M/s. This is 200 times faster than the speed that traditional Bluetooth connections offer.

User Friendly Design

No one likes complicated apps where users need to go through three different panels of settings before sending a file and Xender’s developers know that too well. Therefore, Xender is equipped with a rather simple to use UI (user interface) that makes it easier for people to share files with the simple touch of a button.

In addition, the app’s file sharing related options are always featured in the main layout which means that new Xender users will have an easy time finding the tools they want to use.