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Download Yahoo Mail APK 5.20.6 APK Update for Improved User Experience and Faster Upload Speeds


Yahoo Mail holds the title of being one of the most popular email apps ever made. Even though Yahoo’s search browser might not be able to compete with Google, the mail app gives Gmail a run for its money. Yahoo Mail is completely free to use and it features high-end security, large inbox storage space and incredible upload speeds.

Yahoo Mail APK 5.20.6 APK Update

Just like all premium apps, Yahoo Mail’s performance is constantly enhanced through new updates. Yahoo recently published a new APK for the app which changes its version number to 5.20.6. As previously mentioned, the update is available in form of APK and this means two things.

First off, APK updates are released days ahead before the developer starts rolling them out to the wide public. Therefore, eager Yahoo Mail users can download updates and benefit from the changes they bring ahead of the public release schedule.

Secondly, Yahoo Mail users are required to manually install these updates. On the bright side though, installing APK updates is not complicated and it can be done by anyone. Moreover, there are numerous APK installation guides out there which can prove to be quite useful.

Improving Yahoo Mail’s Overall Performance

Yahoo Mail is incredibly fast when it comes to upload speeds and this new update enhances the app’s speed even further. According to the changelog, the new update also introduces a bundle of bug fixes which add a new layer of security to the app.


Lastly, Yahoo Mail users who are vision impaired or who simply enjoy using the TalkBack feature should make sure to download this update as soon as possible. The reason behind this being that TalkBack’s performance is also being optimized by this new APK update. With that said, Yahoo Mail will be able to respond with vibrations and audio instructions faster than usual.

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