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Download YouTube Videos on PC, Laptop, Phone or other Devices: The Easy Way


Those who enjoy browsing through YouTube and watching videos will want to know what to do when there is not internet connection. During a trip or a visit to someplace without an internet connection, it is important to know how to download YouTube videos.

YouTube Red available in some countries

YouTube introduced the premium service YouTube red which allows its users to download YouTube videos to watch later offline. Unfortunately, this service is not available in all countries; it is not available in the UK for example. There is another way of downloading Youtube videos, however, it is not recommended to share them with anyone else.

How to download YouTube videos

This method can be applied to download YouTube videos on PCs, laptops, phones and tablets.

These are the steps for downloading YouTube videos using a web browser:

  • Go to youtube.com
  • Choose a video you would like to download
  • Copy the address bar (Ctrl+C)
  • Go to keepvod.com and click in the box left to the download button
  • Paste the copied URL and click on the option Download (Ctrl+V)
  • Choose the format preferred. The recommended one is MP4 and the recommended quality 720p.

How to download YouTube playlists:

YouTube ByClick is an useful software which can help user to download videos and audios from YouTube. Users have to copy the URL of the video they want and a pop-up will appear asking if it is for audio or video. There is also the option “Download playlist” and it is perfect for when you are searching for the perfect party music. The app offers a free day trial and its current cost is of $14.99, an affordable price in the eyes of many.