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Dr. Dre To Star in First Ever Apple TV Exclusive Show


Dr. Dre has been one of the most well-known names when it comes to the world of music production.

The man has been one of the most popular rappers, and co-founded beats, which was later sold off to Apple.

Dr. Dre, whose real name is Andre Young, has been quite a controversial name too, as he has had his fair share of controversies.

However, he still remains a major star, and for the first time ever, we are going to treat our eyes to Dr. Dre’s acting, as he gets ready to shoot the first ever Apple TV exclusive TV show – Vital Signs.

The reports of Apple TV coming out with exclusive content had been around for quite a while, and this looks like the first such step taken by the company in the direction of coming out with original content.

Apple is looking forward to have more eyeballs drawn towards their product, and the Apple TV is expected to get a major boost with original programming.

Netflix has been a major inspiration for many original programming launches in recent times, and same looks like the case with Apple .

Vital Signs is expected to release all at once, and will be coming out with six episode, with each one of them showing a different situation and mood in the life of Dr. Dre and how he dealt with things.

Dr. Dre has recently become quite an important part of Apple, especially after the acquisition of Beats by Apple for $3 Billion in 2014.

He has himself handpicked director Paul Hunter, who has also written the episodes. We have seen Dre sing and rap, but it will be for the first time he takes up a major role in acting. Hunter has previously directed many music videos.

The show has been described as a dark drama. While many expected it to be lighter and comical, it is instead a more serious kind of show, and involves a lot of violence and sex. Dr. Dre is expected to make his mark in the world of acting with this one.

Apple TV has had original content in the past like shows from DJ Khaled and Taylor Swift performances, but never really have they tried out with such a proper episodic system in the past.