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Dr. Driving Unlimited Money And Gold MOD Version 1.52


Dr. Driving is a driving simulator on Android which took the Google Play community by storm despite its simplicity. However, many Android gamers are purely seduced by this app and would do anything to grab more money and gold. Luckily here is the Dr. Driving Unlimited money and gold MOD version 1.52.

Dr. Driving is seductive in its simplicity

The only objective of Dr. Driving is to travel in a car, follow the navigation instructions, and avoid traffic, in order to reach an undisclosed destination, while collecting money and gold.

After passing the finish line, all you get is a quick taping on the back and the whole process starts again.

The controls are straightforward and all you got is a steering wheel and two pedals, namely, the acceleration and the break.

The game is, however, challenging especially thanks to its online multiplayer function which puts you against players around the world.

Dr. Driving on Android has received a very positive feedback

As I’ve said, Dr. Driving is absolutely addictive even though is a very simple game, to some extent.

Just recently, the game received its latest update which brought some new improvements in gameplay and other under the hood enhancements.

Therefore, this Android driving simulator has been downloaded for more than 100 million times and got an astonishing 4.5 stars out of 5 on Google Play Store from about 5 million reviews.

Dr. Driving unlimited money and gold – Dr. Driving 1.52 MOD Unlimited Money + Gold

The game will offer you the opportunity to get money and gold you can use to buy new cars or enhancements.

While some gamers would like to put some effort into obtaining money and gold on their own, others would love to have unlimited money and gold.

For the latter category, there is Dr. Driving Unlimited Money And Gold MOD version 1.52, which can be downloaded from here. This MOD, as its name stipulates, offers those playing the latest version of Dr. Driving Android game the unique chance to spend how much they want on new cars or enhancement, without any limit.