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Dropbox Windows 10 App Download – Impressive Features


Dropbox has rolled out a new Windows 10 application. The latter functions on tablets and PCs that have Microsoft’s Windows 10 OS on board. However, it seems that there will also be a mobile version launched pretty soon, according to various reports.

The features available with the native Windows 10 application

What’s neat about this updated app is the Windows Hello option. When Microsoft included the Windows Hello to its operating system, this was meant to aid users to log into their devices using the face recognition option. Windows Hello also functions with the fingerprint or iris reader, so again if you have such a compatible gizmo, feel free to use it to gain access to any of your Dropbox documents.

You can also use the simply drag& drop option to transfer or even copy some of your files into Dropbox. The quick search option will reveal all of the files related to the name/word you have entered and it will make it easier for you to identify a specific file.

Another neat element that can be used with Dropbox is the fact that comments can be added to your files. Also if you want to allow a friend to share thoughts on a particular file/ subject, simply include them in the discussion with @mentions.

Also, you will be able to use Jump List to get a hold of your most recent Dropbox documents. Besides, with the new Interactive Device Notifications, users can accept a shared folder for instance, without having to open the Notification section of the app.

Microsoft’s tie-up with Dropbox has definitely proven to be quite useful for more than 17 million users. You will be able to find the Dropbox application for Windows 10 in the Windows Store in the forthcoming days.