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Earth’s Temperature Will Rise With 1.3 Degrees Celsius


Global warming has been an issue receiving much attention worldwide especially by governments. Scientists have been warning humankind for a long time regarding the consequences of pollution, gas emissions and damaging industries, however only in the last recent years have governments started taking things seriously and signing treaties with other countries so as to try and prevent the rising of Earth’s temperature.

A new research predicts a rise of 1.3 Degrees Celsius

Scientists at the University of Colorado Boulder have determined that the temperature rise is imminent, despite the Greenhouse Gas Emission Decrement. According to the study, by the end of the century, planet Earth will experience a significant temperature rise.

The present study can be found in the Nature Climate Change and the researchers used only quantitative analysis to determine the temperature rise, without predictions.

Implications of the study

Max Planck from the Institute of Meteorology points out that the present study uses facts already happened and observed. The 1.3 temperature rise is based on past emissions.

This means that the temperature rise will be even higher once adding future emissions.

A second implication of the study is that Earth’s oceans are capable of decreasing the existing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

This would reduce the temperature by 0.2 degrees Celsius. A third implication of the study is that there is one-in-eight chance that the rise will happen.

According to Robert Pincus, co-author of the study, it is not simple to understand the concept of “omitted warning”. This concept helps those who make policies and laws understand how much time they have until the Earth’s temperature rises and with how much approximately.

The Greenhouse Gas Emission

The Paris Change Agreement has been signed by several nations trying to stop global warming beyond 2 degrees Celsius.