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Easily Transfer Photos From Your Phone to the PC


We live in the digital age, and since phones have integrated digital cameras, the number of pictures that we take has increased substantially. Shooting almost every moment of our lives, but what happens when we do not have space on our phone? Easily transfer photos from your phone to your PC with this simple method.

If you’re using an Android phone and a PC with Windows on it you are in luck, connect a cable between two devices and it is ready for data transfer. Android is designed so that once connected, the phone memory will be seen on the PC as a USB memory stick. If you are a Mac user, a simple connection between the devices will not be enough, you’ll need a program like Android File Transfer. We think this method is the most used.

The second way  is to transfer via Wi-Fi. It is a very simple method that I use quite often, because it does not even require a cable. AirDroid app installed on your phone and it will generate an IP ( for example) with which you can connect to your PC via a browser. The IP generated inserts into the browser, the phone connection is accept and ready. You can even take calls from the web interface.

If you only need to send a few pictures, you can send them via email and then you can download them to your PC. Unfortunately this method is limited when it comes to the number of pictures sent because some email services have a file size cap that can be up to 10MB.

Cloud services can be a solution when it comes to pictures transfer. The best part is that the cloud is transferring pictures automatically, and you can download them to your PC when you want. Cloud services most often used are Google Drive and DropBox. The initial setting of the cloud will occupy some time, but once done it is automatic. And the pictures can download from your DropBox account straight on the computer. A free DropBox account gives you 2GB of cloud space.

Another way that you can save favorite photos is via social networks. But that means public post on one of the existing social networks. Another drawback is that you lose the original picture quality because most of these sites will resize the picture.

The latter method requires a hardware purchase. There are many products that you can expand your phone memory. The OTG technology (USB On-The-Go) allowed the development of memory sticks that can be used for both mobile phones and PCs. File Manager installed on your phone will help you to transfer photos to a USB memory. Purchasing a disc that can be connected to the network is another solution. Western Digital and Seagate Manufacturers have developed many devices that can significantly increase local storage and can be connected to your home network. Data transfer is made by a manufacturer dedicated application, after which media content can be viewed from any device connected to the network.