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Electroneum (ETN) Rises Thanks to McAfee’s Recommendation


Ever since John McAfee’s Tweets the cryptocurrency Electroneum (ETN) has moved up, despite its network overload. It seems that it is not easy to purchase ETN due to many factors.

Learn more about Electroneum (ETN)

This mineable cryptocurrency can be purchased using Cryptopia and through Electroneum mining. It seems that McAfee’s opinion is quite influencial and after writing in a Tweet his recommended cryotocurrencies, some such as Verge (XVG) have moved up.

The situation should have been the same with Electroneum, but it seems that its difficult system made many investors redirect their attention towards other virtual coins.

How to purchase Electroneum

Either through Electroneum mining or through Cryptopia, a market for staunch crypto-suporters, it is very difficult to purchase the digital coin. There are many glitches in its system and the mobile phone mining which should be working for Android, Linux and OS is not viable.

It seems that the project is overwhelmed by the heavy traffic it has experienced and the app is slowly distributed.

ETN has moved up so much, its price increased around nine times since the ICO and this means that there are plenty of people rooting for it.

McAfee predicted that the price of ETN will rise to $40 by the end of December. If the project founders want to make this cryptocurrency more popular, then better technology needs to be used for payment through mobile phones.

The Electroneum wallets are for now just paper wallet generator and this practice still remains risky. The virtual wallets print an old paper for ETN tokens, while mobile apps have one push button for those who want to try online mining.

The current price of ETN is of $0.09 and those interested can go to Bitcoin or Dogecoin to get some.

One of the Eletroneum foundes is SpaceX’s CEO.