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Emirates Gets 4K Streaming From Du Telecom – Movies And TV Series To Be Streamed In 4K Soon


The importance of high quality video content has increased over the past years. Back in the past, grainy films, faded colors and unclear images were fine with us. But now the time has changed. We now look towards a better output of videos and are more geared towards getting ourselves the best quality of every display and every video that we want to watch.

In the wake of a high definition streaming era, many service providers have turned towards providing their users the best possible video quality for the content they consume. 4k streaming is the highest that can be offered to the users around the globe now, and businesses are rushing towards this to captivate more users.

In the Emirates, the first company to introduce 4K streaming has been Etisalat. The company brought a refreshing change from the general ardors of having to bear with normal content streaming and gave the Emirates users 4K ultra HD content via set-top box distribution technology.

But this brand is not going to continue being the only brand that will provide 4k streaming to the world; there will soon be another brand that is going to give it competition. This brand is a name people know all over the globe, Du Telecom, also referred to as Dubai Telecom.

Du Telecom is going to be the direct competitor for Etisalat. According to the VP of Consumer, New Business and Innovation with Du Telecom, Samera Geissah, the company has already started the process of approaching various studios to allow them to stream their content in 4K. Some have already given consent. So by sometime around the first quarter of 2016, the first transmissions will begin.

Some have said that transmissions are expected to begin by the end of March, but final confirmation of the dates is still being expected. Transmission is expected to include the top TV series and movies.

This news has seem to have some effect on the sales of the 4K ultra HD TVs in the UAE. The country generally has a lot of well to do people and in this scenario, might already be having the 4K TV. Sales will nevertheless boosted in these regions, which is pretty obvious.