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End of Support: Windows 8.1 & How To Upgrade Your Microsoft Apps

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Microsoft plans to discontinue service for Windows 8.1 beyond the expiration of Internet Explorer’s lifecycle. Microsoft announced the termination of maintenance for Windows 8.1 on a support website a few days ago. In fact, Microsoft outlined methods that customers may keep their Microsoft 365 applications up to date in order to take advantage of the company’s ongoing services.

According to the announcement made on the main support website, Microsoft will stop providing technical assistance for Windows 8.1 by January 10, 2023. This date is around 6 months from now. The termination of support for Windows 8.1 means that Microsoft 365 Apps can no longer be maintained on the os. The firm is getting ready to send warnings to consumers informing them that the corporation would no longer provide support beyond a certain date, and users of Windows 8.1 should soon notice these warnings. It is suggested that users upgrade to a later version of Windows to prevent system performance concerns.

According to Microsoft, “to maintain the dependability and security of Microsoft 365, we highly suggest you make use of the latest hardware resources by moving to a fresh PC with Windows 11.” This recommendation comes as a result of the company’s statement that “we highly suggest you start taking advantage of the newest hardware platforms by shifting to a new PC. Additionally, Microsoft claims that “today’s PCs are quicker, more capable, and leaner – and they come pre-installed with Windows 11” It’s possible that there are some people who can’t afford to renew at this time.

In order to update to Windows 10, Microsoft recommends that these users purchase and download the complete version of the program. The very end of support for Windows 10 is scheduled to occur on October 14, 2025, 3 years & 4 months after the current support period ends. This means that those who don’t have the equipment to run Windows 11 may still upgrade to Windows 10.