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Epic Games Store Quietly Unveils Improved Library Organization And Customization Tools


According to a fresh update in the “up next” section of Trello, the group managing platform utilized by the devs working on the Epic Games Store, enhanced library structure, and customisation is on the roadmap. These improvements will render the Epic Games Store increasingly comparable with customized stores like Steam.

The Epic Games Store started in 2018 as a component of Epic’s attempt to develop a robust storefront ecosystem. Epic Games Store’s freebie weekly titles program offers away $40 to $60 AAA games. The fact that players who have been using the service from the beginning probably have many hundreds of games for free in their collections at this point has increased the need for better means of organizing these increasing catalogs. Epic Games Store has progressively gained prominence thanks to gratis games and unique releases.

Trello is a teamwork software that enables programmers to organize to-do lists for building extra features, resolving issues, and sketching out blueprints for upcoming work. As a result, a significant chunk of the development cycle for Epic Games Store is easily observable by the media and general public. “Favorites & Collections” is a relatively new feature to Epic Games’ Trello section. A prototype screenshot shows a dropdown list for adding games to customized categories or a preset “favorites” section.

In the area labeled “Up Next,” players have the opportunity to anticipate the addition of a number of additional features. Epic Games Store is improving player accounts so they may show accomplishments and platinum awards. A user-driven labeling approach will help users to vote on which classifications apply to various titles, and a scoring system will encourage players to rate a game after their session finishes. Secret accomplishments are also available for spoiler-free listings.