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Essential Phone 2 is Never Coming Out


It looks like we are not going to see a new Essential smartphone coming out anytime soon. Bloomberg reported that Essential is not planning on creating a second smartphone, but that’s not all. Essential is looking to sell the company. On the bright side of things, Andy Rubin who is the CEO of the company doesn’t want to stop the company’s entire activity, and he is looking to develop other types of products instead.

Second Essential Smartphone Will No Longer Happen

The first Essential smartphone was a success, and it looked like the company was able to compete against the likes of Samsung and Apple. Therefore, everyone was waiting for a second Essential smartphone to be released in 2019, especially since the company announced that they are working on a new design.

Unfortunately for Essential fans, the company is never going to create another smartphone. However, Bloomberg is saying that Essential is shifting its focus to building a smart home product that will go head-on against Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

Essential Smart Home

Amazon is generating huge profits as a result of Amazon Alexa’s popularity, and it seems like Essential is planning on creating a similar product. The company’s engineers and developers are currently working on the smart home product, and Bloomberg is saying that it will launch in 2019.

Working with Foxconn

Even though Essential is not planning on creating any more smartphones, Andy Rubin said that he still wishes for the company to work with smartphones. Andy Rubin’s vision is for Essential to manufacturer hardware parts for other high-end smartphones, and this is why he got in touch with Foxconn.

Selling Everything

Another interesting thing that Andy Rubin said is that he wants to sell everything including hardware, upcoming projects, and even tech patents. The CEO wishes to basically “shift” the employees to a new company.