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Essential Phone – This Is How A Smartphone Should Be


The creator of Android, Andy Rubin has been working for almost a year at the first smartphone created by his company. Now he is ready to share with us some details about his Al-driven smart device.

Andy Rubin has founded a company named Essential that will produce various devices from smart home hardware to smartphones and the company’s debut will be the Essential phone. From what we already know, the new phone will be quite pricy. It is already available to pre-order on their official website for $699.

Impressive characteristics

The new smartphone comes with an original design revolving around a very sizeable display that goes around the frontal camera. Andy Rubin has also chosen some resistant materials, ceramic and titanium, in order to make the phone more durable. The handset also comes with two accessories, a magnetic charger and a 360 camera (available for $749).

In terms of software, Essential’s main feature will be AI. It is reported that the smartphone can be connected to your home or car and used to control other smart gadgets. Andy Rubin seems to believe that Artificial Intelligence will represent the future for technology. It also comes as no surprise that Essential will run on Android, the OS invented by Rubin years ago.

The camera will have will have one RGB and one monochrome lens and they will be both used for the final product. The Lead Image Quality Engineer, Yazhu Ling added that the camera will continue to be refined until the official launch of the product.

Essential is a promising product and the company has received consistent investments from major brands so tech enthusiasts should keep an eye on this one. For now, Essential is only available in the US, but it will soon be available worldwide.