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Ethereum Summit Attendees Discussed A Governance Plan To Create A Statement Of Shared Values For Ethereum


Essential stakeholders in the Ethereum community are undertaking support for a governance plan that is produced by attendees of a secret conference with the technology as the primary focus.

Organizers behind the EIP:0 Summit committed to four new governance steps this Wednesday, May 9th, according to a statement.

Parity Technologies, Aragon and the Web3 Foundation, have already offered their support in signing the statement of intent.

The two-day summit that was hosted earlier this month addressed governance issues in the Ethereum ecosystem that resulted from the network’s growth and the massive diversity of opinions on technical direction.

It’s pretty difficult to gauge all sentiments among the various parties developing, securing the software or investing.

Creating a statement of shared values

All who signed the plan have committed to creating a statement of shared values for Ethereum that support the creation of “open-source tools to collect key signals and metrics,” having a monthly governance call and organizing a second, larger EIP:0 meeting.

The essential signals include Ethereum transaction volume, the number of deployed contracts, the number of GitHub contributors among other factors.

The tech development could be incentivized via grants, according to the statement.

One of the most important things described is the support that a second EIP:0 Summit is receiving.

Afri Schoedon, a developer and communications officer at Parity, tweeted: “[the Summit] must be as inclusive as possible. And if 350,000 people show up, we have to deal with it.”

The statement also noted that a future summit would have to build upon the existing model, including by “expanding opportunities for interaction from viewers not in physical attendance (time, location and participants to be determined).”

The statement was signed by L4 Ventures, developer Lane Rettig, Giveth founder Griff Green, Ethereum Foundation member Hudson Jameson and startup Gnosis.