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Even After Values Dip, Will Interest In Cryptocurrency Spike?


Cryptocurrencies are going to be in the news for many years moving forward. Of course, the majority of the people that you talk with every day are going to remember Bitcoin, but that is not the only option on the market. Others like Ripple, Stellar, Litecoin and other smaller crypto’s are making the news and curiosity is about to spike.

Cryptocurrency Searches Trend On Google

Google is a great place to find information regarding just about anything. With recent news flowing onto the internet about cryptocurrencies, people looking for a quick investment and the dream that you can, one day, pay for things without a physical dollar bill in your hand internet searches on the topic have been on the rise.

Google Trends is a great place to see what the world is searching for these days. Bitcoin might be the number one search, but as the values of Ripple and Stellar continue to drop, interest in the digital currencies has fallen as well. Since last October, one source claims that searches for virtual currency have fallen more than 80 percent. That includes Japan and Korea, which have been well known Bitcoin hot spots.

Values Going Up Will Help The Trend

Investors know that the market will move up and down. Interest coming in from new investors is going to follow the same path in most cases. As the values of these digital coins move up and make millionaires out of people, the overall interest will spike back up.

Since the market has been falling in recent months, the overall interest and dropped. Once Litecoin, Ether and Bitcoin were all listed as “global trends” on Google, only Bitcoin remains. Ethereum still shows up for Asia and Europe, but those numbers are falling as well.

Overall, cryptocurrencies are not going anywhere. The discussion, investment and overall outlook are bound to go up and down over the next few months. Once the market settles, buying will start again and the interest is likely to spike.