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Everything We Know About Fortnite’s Big “COLLISION” Season Finale

Credit: Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash

The second season – Fortnite Chapter Three will witness the reintroduction of a proper season-ending spectacle after the absence of a climax in the first season. To give players an idea of what to anticipate, Blizzard has released a teaser video for the season-ending “COLLISION” event.

The protracted conflict over Fortnite’s island could come to a spectacular finish during the eagerly awaited season finale. “COLLISION” seems to be the last clash between both the IO & The Seven, and it will feature at minimum one enormous robotic bear.

There are four armored individuals in the 30-second video who go inside an enormous area as the entrance opens. The towering Mecha Strike Commander may be found behind that barrier throughout the first chapter of Fortnite. Players will also note that the massive mech inside the lobby like the one that has been steadily constructing in the backdrop. Slow-motion footage reveals the squad advancing near Mecha Strike Commander, that has its left arm connected and then begins to burn red.

According to earlier Fortnite “COLLISION” information releases, the four figures depicted are the various varieties of the Mecha Firearms Group Outfits, which can be purchased in the game’s item store. Considering the event’s need for a four-person team, it’s almost certain that participants will be able to control the robot in some manner. “COLLISION” is a single-chance only in-game event that will occur on June 4 @ 4 PM ET or 1 PM PT. The event playlists may be entered 30 minutes before to the initial onset, and those who do not have a complete team will be instantly paired with another player.

Fortnite published their Fortnite Crew bundle for June 2022, including a very well timed cosmetic. This month’s bundle includes a normal-sized Mecha Strike Commander skin. Mecha Light – Capacitor Back Bling as well as Mecha Reborn – Wrap are included. Players who buy June’s Fortnite Crew will receive the current season’s Battle Pass & Chapter Three Season 3’s Battle Pass the week after next.