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Experimental Chrome feature allows watching TV with Chromecast possible


Chromecast might just be receiving Amazon Video streams, thanks to the efforts of Google. Google has been working on making improvements in its ability to cast videos from a tab on the Chrome browser to a TV or a PC.

Although not fully released, the experimental feature is available on the browser right now for the intrepid tinkerers.  It can be used in the most recent versions of browser for Chromecast, Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Also known as screen mirroring, casting on tabs from the PC is the only possible way for Amazon Videos to be seen on Chromecast. However, the video quality is very bad, and as such, Amazon Video is more or less unavailable. If you try to stream videos from any service that is not supported for Chromecast use, it will result in a very bad viewing experience, with a lot of stuttering and random audio jumps.

This will eventually be fixed completely by improving the way bitstreaming works. By forwarding the video’s bitstream straight to Chromecast, this will ensure that big improvements will be made for the quality. With this feature active, any video that is normally unsupported should work perfectly fine. Reports have shown that some users managed to cast a show from a Windows 10 desktop and successfully hit an overall quality on par to that of the Netflix shows.

How to test the experimental version

If you wish to try out the feature on your Chrome, then it is required of you to input ‘’ chrome://flags/#media-remoting’’ into the address bar and press Enter on your keyboard. Afterwards, a yellow labeled option will appear for mirroring which will require you to click it and hit Enabled. After that, relaunch your Chrome and you should be good to go.