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Facebook Bug and Relationship Ever Detected With Unix System


Some Facebook users are running into a stimulating bug nowadays congratulating them on forty six years of relationship with alternative users.

That is strange for a few of reasons. Facebook is not even fifteen years recent and a few users who are looking this message are way younger than forty six years archaic.

Facebook has not disclosed the perpetrator; however it says it’s conscious of the difficulty. “We’ve known this bug and also the team’s fixing it currently thus everybody will ring in 2016 feeling young once more,” a corporation exponent as per reports.

While Facebook bugs do not usually pique the public’s interest unless they brush up against privacy, this specific one happens to return with a desirable engineering back story.

Though not confirmed by Facebook, some individuals are suggesting the bug originates with what is referred to as the UNIX system epoch.

Unix is associate degree software system underlying several of the world’s servers, and it keeps time by numeration up from zero at one-second intervals.

The date that clock began, referred to as the epoch, happens to be Gregorian calendar month first, 1970 in the dark borough mean solar time — or forty six years a gone nowadays going by EST.

Each second from that time on is thought as epoch time, and this is often why some gadgets could cryptically switch to Dec thirty first, 1969.

Therefore the theory goes that even as your digital clock will reset itself accidentally, the time during which you became friends with somebody on Facebook may accidentally reset itself in addition. To New Year’s Eve, 1969.

So this might be the social network’s version of year, that was the worry that pc systems’ truncated date logs would build the year 2000 look no completely different than 1900.

Though rather than probably unhealthful the world’s monetary systems and disrupting communication and transportation networks, Facebook is simply telling you and an exponent you are each super recent and will in all probability be having midlife crises.