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Facebook Bug Tells Users They Have Been Friends For 46 Years Despite Being Around For 11 Years Only


It must have been a very strange day for Facebook users when they logged in to their Facebook accounts and were congratulated for being friends with other users for 46 years.

For a moment, when I saw this on my Facebook account it was like being in a Sci-Fi movie, when the character sleeps in the present time and wakes up years in the future.

It was a similar effect and it took some time for me to understand that the notification was the result of a bug in the system that could have been the result of a recent glitch that occurred in the system.

Users did not receive this bug very casually. Some of them were rather upfront and defamed Facebook on Twitter.

They took screenshots of the erroneous wishes provided to them and mentioned in various sarcastic ways what they thought about Facebook and its latest bug.

To this, the social networking giant had no answer. They apologized for the problems the users were facing and that they would have their insiders fix the issue as early as they could.

According to certain experts, this was nothing but a bug within the system, specifically speaking the Unix Epoch, which has an internal date setting of zero on a unix system is by default fixed at 1/1/1970. Due to certain time zone adjustments, could go into a state of being represented as 12/31/1969, which technically would be a date 46 years before today.

If you are able to look through the list of friends you have, you will see many such instances.

Apparently, when the memories page was coded, the person who coded the page failed to note the problems that might occur if time zone changes took place and for instances when the friendships actually occurred before this ‘friends since feature’ was implemented further causing the issue.

This problem has now been fixed.

The social networking site has never before been faced with such severe issues. Could Zuckerberg have over implemented features? It is hard to know these things, but as of now, the issues have been taken care of.