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Facebook Can Tell You About The Hottest Parties In Town On iOS – It’s True!


Facebook is one of the most loved sites in the world today and the website is ensuring that it stays in that position forever.

Believe it or not, Facebook on iOS will now be making the dreams of party animals come true.

No, it will not host them, but will tell every party lover where the parties are for them to enjoy!

We already know how smart applications have become. They can sometimes come with results so applicable for you that you feel like someone is reading your mind.

You shop something on a website and the next thing you know is that Facebook is suggesting something for you just on the grounds of what you have bought.

The website is great when it comes to studying user behavior. It is not really hacking your device or encroaching your private life – it is just keeping a close look – a very close one indeed.

Let us say for example, you have had habits of looking up events in Facebook. You had to look through a dozen of them to find what you were actually looking for, Now Facebook goes an extra mile to ensure that you get what you want and you get it fast.

It draws up a list of suggestions for you, filtered to the very last detail.

It filters events by your location, by your tastes, by availability and then it gives the results to you.

Results can be varied. If you have a habit of going out to music shows, it will suggest the same. If you are a foodie, it will suggest be best wine and dine suggestions for you.

Party animals can get the best features with Nightlife alerts and others who are a bit on the more aesthetic side can get benefits through Fine Arts & Crafts, Community, Film & Photography, Performing Arts, and Causes.

There is a lot you can do actually, rather than sit home and get bored with your regular Sitcom repeating itself for the umpteenth time on television. Facebook will tell you where to go.

Not interested in going alone? Never mind, Facebook can tell you where your friends are going.

If you pick a show it will add a subtitle stating how many of your friends are going. For example, if you pick Food and Drinks you might see the event and under it there might be a notification stating ‘Jill and 13 other friends are going’.

Just click the link, see the list of friends, call them and go together, or drop in and surprise them. So now you have a party manager at your disposal and it is none other than your favorite, Facebook.com.