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Facebook Could Kill Siri With Their New AI Startup


Messenger is used by 1.2 billion people around the world in order to connect with other people. Upgrading this app is a great idea, especially since Facebook wants to add an AI to help people connect faster, gather information and discover ideas in a simple app.

Facebook worked on a virtual assistant similar to Siri and named it M, but M hasn’t been able to perform as a good AI should. But at the end of July, Facebook purchased an AI startup that will be a part of their messaging application.

Ozlo is the name of the startup which was launched last year and is able to give recipes, point nearby restaurants and can be found in app stores, although it didn’t have much success. The team behind Ozlo is composed of 29 employees and they will all work for Facebook’s Messenger app.

Ozlo has been described as “an index of knowledge about the real world” and was founded in 2013 in California, Palo Alto. This technology will quickly answer questions from users who want to know schedules from restaurants or movies and a lot more, having a knowledge based on more than 2 billion entities.

Facebook wanted to have this assistant when they started with M, and also integrated some of its abilities into the Messenger application. But M is available to a few testers and some of its abilities are managed by a team instead of the AI.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg has made it clear that the AI is a priority for now and it is included in Facebook’s 10-year plan. They joined the Ozlo team to develop and work on powering the AI and exploring this new technology, finally integrating it into the Messenger app.

Facebook is set on powering the Messenger app with AI and machine learning in order to easily provide the users with a good amount of information whenever they need it.