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Facebook Eliminated About 600 Million Fake Accounts, Using Artificial Intelligence


Facebook commenced its war against fake accounts, hate speech, racism, and Facebook pages that promote content that violates social network’s policies and community norms.

Mark Zuckerberg’s company wants to clean up the mess left behind by the scandals that surrounded Facebook in the last months and now decided to take the fake accounts and problematic content issues more seriously.

Facebook shut down approximately 10,000 pages and accounts in Mexico and South America

Facebook reported Tuesday, June 25th, that it removed about 10,000 pages, groups and accounts in Mexico and South American countries for posting content that violated the social network’s policies and community norms.

“The removed content violated our policies on coordinated harm and non-genuine content, as well as attacks based on race, gender or sexual orientation,” the Facebook company stated in an official statement signed by Nathaniel Gleicher, the company’s chief cybersecurity officer.

Since the beginning of 2018, Facebook eliminated about 600 million fake accounts using AI and machine learning

The company founded and owned by Mark Zuckerberg reported that in the first quarter of the year it eliminated approximately 2.5 million posts that promoted hate and racism.

On the other hand, Facebook employed machine learning and artificial intelligence systems also to eliminate approximately 600 million fake accounts worldwide.

“This type of action is especially important before elections when people use Facebook to connect with candidates, discuss relevant issues, and get informed before voting,” the statement added.

The measure is one of the Facebook’s new plans for fighting against fake accounts that promote hate speech, fake news, or enter in contradiction with the social network’s terms and policies which for sure very few of us have ever read.

In other news, Facebook keeps losing members over the increasingly popular Instagram which has recently launched IGTV (Instagram TV), its YouTube-like platform for content creators within the social network.