Home Business Facebook introduces new communication tool for businesses and brands:

Facebook introduces new communication tool for businesses and brands:


A new set of tools have recently been introduced for pages which helps ease out communication and communication gaps between the users and the brand. There is often a disconnect between the users and the brand, and the pages have to be very alert and very active in order to avoid such a thing from happening. Users use the pages to gauge information about the business and also to raise their complaints. It is an important point of communication between the user and the business and Facebook has updated their tools to enhance this communication.  Facebook updates more control on viral content in news feed

As per the official Facebook Blog, Starting this month all Pages can set the average time it takes for them to reply to messages. Admins can choose to show that they respond either “within minutes,” “within an hour,” “within hours” or “within a day.” Average response times for Pages are calculated for each Page automatically and the response time shown on the Page defaults to their average response time, but admins can now control what response time shows publicly on their Page. So even if a Page typically responds to messages within an hour, they can can set their visible response time to within a day and set customer expectations accordingly.

Page response time will now appear on the messenger chat box when users talk with the pages, which makes it easy for the users to know when to expect a response. A new messaging status called ‘away’ has been introduced for the page admins, which makes the users know that the page might be a little late in responding. When a page is on ‘away’, message response time will not be affected.

Last month, a new and improved inbox design was also introduced, which was another major step towards enhancing the communication. Viewing and keeping track the comments has also been made much easier for the page admins than ever before.

Are you a Facebook admin? Does your business use Facebook for promotions? Have you felt the change in communication tools yet? Comment below and share your opinions with us.