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Facebook Introduces New Video Features


Facebook is becoming day by day a leading platform of social networks, as every month they are coming up with new features for user convenience.

As this month they are gifting users before New Year, some new video features, like Click for more and for desktop users call to action button and they also launched the live streaming feature for verified pages of the brands.

By introducing such features, it seems that Facebook is in competition with the very famous and dominant website YouTube, Facebook, itself moving for the competition with YouTube.

On desktop, Click for More:-

  • For desktop users, Facebook is testing a call to action button. If users click anywhere on video they will directly be going on another window, which will be showing a larger version of that particular video as a part of related videos.
  • Ads will be shown alternately between videos, which will be autoplayed for the users until they select otherwise option.
  • If user moves on to the separate window, Facebook will ensure the users who will be engaged with the button not with the newsfeed.
  • This how, the videos will be increasing up on how many videos users did view, which will affect on the click through rates and rates of impression of its videos.
  • This new feature of Facebook is trying to act as a forerunner to Facebook’s upcoming standalone video portal, which is likely to be launched in 2016.

Live streaming for brands:-

  • Verified brands are allowed on Facebook pages, for the users to do live stream on their pages. The users of Page may tap on the Publish button and may select the Live Video option in order to see from which point the video will be beginning after a brief opportunity for introduction.
  • Facebook Pages will make an account so that brands can follow how many viewers are tuned in. This feature will be only available only on Facebook for iOS.

According to the reports of Facebook, they are expecting videos to take effectively over the social network in couple of years making into consideration the rapid increase in both the number of videos published to the site and the daily view of the site.