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Facebook Latest Update Available – Stay Connected When Offline

Facebook button on a keyboard that represents instant access to Facebook. Facebook is the most popular social networking site in the world.

Facebook is testing an update that will greatly reduce the update time of the notifications in News Feed and allow users to comment even when offline.

The world of Internet users is divided into two categories: those who test their Internet connection by connecting to Google and those who have Facebook as their homepage. Typically, the second choice is relatively more effective because you will not only see if you have Internet access, but you can see if your internet speed is decent, since the News Feed from Facebook needs a considerable bandwidth in order to be effective.

In the case of phones the situation is similar. Good speeds make the News Feed of your Facebook application load faster, while bad connections will make you look at a rotating circle for several minutes.

It seems that Facebook is aware of the dissatisfaction its mobile app creates with slow Internet connections, so they decided to optimize your News Feed based on the Internet speed you have.

The new update sees what news or notifications are already loaded on your phone and will add new ones based on relevance. Similar to the current situation, Facebook will always download the most important news when you have a good Internet connection and when the connection is lost, users will still be able to read the previously loaded news.

Another interesting feature is the addition of the ability to write comments on posts, even when there is no internet connection. The users can write comments, and the text will be published automatically when the Internet connection has restored.

It is not clear when this update will become available to the billions of Facebook users, but if you suddenly notice that you receive news even when the connection is almost nonexistent, it is clear that your Facebook application has been improved.