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Facebook Launches ‘Feeds’ Tab To Give You More Control Over Your News Feed

Source: Pixabay

The new ‘Feeds’ page on Facebook, which is owned by the social media giant Meta, will provide timely updates from users’ friends. Mark Zuckerberg introduced the Feeds section of Facebook on July 21, 2022. In a recent Facebook post, Zuckerberg mentioned that a tool that would alert users when their friends create posts is among the most desired additions to the social media platform.

Individuals’ friends, communities, and Pages’ updates will all be compiled in one place, under the Feeds tab. Whereas the Mobile application will continue to launch to a user’s customized feed upon that Home page, the Feeds section will provide a means through which users may alter and tailor their interaction.

There is a fresh Home Tab in which users can find all the Reels & Stories, as well as articles that are suggested for them. That’s why the Home feed is where the recommendation system really shines.  In this section, visitors may browse through all the content that has been posted to the site by other users in reverse chronological order.

After hearing from users that they weren’t seeing updates from their friends because the app’s algorithms were showing them other information, Facebook developed the Feeds tab to tackle these concerns. There may be some duplication of posts between the Feeds & Home tabs, even though they are designed to provide a distinct space for both algorithmically-selected postings and user-generated content. More than that, commercial content will populate both windows.

The ability to manage several profiles from just a particular Facebook account is currently under testing. With the arrival of this functionality, users will be able to tailor their social interactions inside the network by establishing several profiles. Individuals may set up many profiles to facilitate communication with various groups, including friends, family, and coworkers. There are now just a small number of participants in the test.